Peaceful civil disobedience against the Meles dictatorship has started

March 20th, 2006

Press Release Tegbar League Addis Abeba Leadership Committee For further info: March 20, 2006, ADDIS ABEBA – Today, Tegbar League Committees in Ethiopia have launched a peaceful civil disobedience campaign against the Meles dictatorship. The primary purpose of this nonviolent action is to pressure the government to respect the people’s vote and to demand … Continue reading »

Tegbar League DC Chapter discussed the March 20-24 freedom campaign

March 6th, 2006

Press Release For further info: March 6, 2006, ADDIS ABABA – Tegbar League’s DC Chapter held its monthly town hall meeting yesterday in Washington DC at the Unification Church. The main topic of the meeting was the March 20-24 civil disobedience campaign that is planned by Tegbar chapters in Ethiopia. Participants of the meeting … Continue reading »

Tegbar town hall meeting in Washington DC

March 5th, 2006

Tegbar League’s Washington DC chapter will hold a town hall meeting on Sunday, March 5, in Washington DC. Tegbar holds monthly town hall meetings to report about its activities to the Ethiopian community, and also to mobilize support for its worldwide efforts to bring about freedom and democratic governance in Ethiopia. There will be invited … Continue reading »