Ethiopians in the Washington DC area held a vigil

December 30th, 2005

Dec 30, 2005 – The 48-hour vigil that started yesterday has ended today after State Department officials left early for the New Year holiday. The participation was greater than anticipated by the organizers. The purpose of the vigil was to show support to the brave Ethiopians at home who are fighting for their freedom against … Continue reading »

A 48-hour vigil underway in Washington DC

December 29th, 2005

Dec 29, 2005, 2:00 PM – The vigil continues in front of the State Department. An official from the State Department met with representatives of the protestors earlier today. Dec 29, 2005, 10:03 AM – The 48-hour vigil that was called by Tegbar Civic group, and Ethiopiawinet Dimts Radio, in collaboration with Negat Radio, Ethiopian … Continue reading »

48-hour vigil in Washington DC

December 27th, 2005

The fascist regime of Meles Zenawi continues to brutalize and terrorize the people of Ethiopia. Peaceful, unarmed protestors are being savagely beaten up and taken to disease-infested concentration camps. Many are being murdered. This is going on while most of the world media is giving a blind eye and the U.S. government continues to give … Continue reading »

Tegbar writes to U.N. Secretary General

December 27th, 2005

Tegbar, a worldwide Ethiopian civic group, sent a letter to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan today asking the implementation of the European Union resolution that calls for the investigation by the U.N. of the ongoing human rights atrocities in Ethiopia… full text of the letter Continue reading »

Tegbar delegates held discussions with Congressional advisors

December 22nd, 2005

Tegbar civic group’s delegates met with advisors of the U.S. Congress International Affairs Committee today in Washington DC. The delegates informed the Congressional advisors about the atrocities in Ethiopia. According the Tegbar delegates, the Congressional advisors were receptive and expressed grave concern about the gross human rights violations by the U.S.-backed regime of Meles Zenawi. Continue reading »

Tegbar met with advisors of key U.S. Congressmen on African affairs

December 21st, 2005

Representatives of Tegbar civic group in Washington DC met and discussed H.R. 4423 with advisors of Congressmen Donald Payne and Chris Smith yesterday at their offices in Capitol Hill. Congressmen Smith’s advisors told Tegbar that the bill has so far only two sponsors, but needs at least 21 to comfortably pass through Congress. Tegbar representatives … Continue reading »

Join us at the White House tonight starting at 7 PM for a vigil

December 18th, 2005

President George Bush will give a televised speech tonight (Dec 18) at 9 PM from the White House. Tegbar calls on all Ethiopians in the Washington DC area to join the nightly vigil tonight and make it a large protest rally. Let’s give voice to Hailu Shawel and the tens of thousands of Ethiopians who … Continue reading »

Petition drive urging U.N. to accept the proposal by the European Parliament

December 18th, 2005

The European Parliament on Dec 15 issued a resolution calling for “the immediate establishment of an independent international commission of inquiry, optimally under UN responsibility, to investigate the human rights abuses and to identify and bring to justice those responsible.” Tegbar’s Washington DC group at its meeting today decided to organize a petition drive urging … Continue reading »