New vs. old style of leadership in Ethiopian politics

June 6th, 2008

Statement from

Lack of organization and the absence of competent and qualified political leaders who can organize and lead the struggle for freedom in Ethiopia have contributed to prolonging Woyanne’s rule. Today it is becoming more clear who is responsible for the multitude of political crises facing our country and who is capable of leading Ethiopians to freedom.

One of the main causes of lack of strong political organizations is the old-style politicians. These are individuals who like to be in the spotlights, who like to be seen on stages (usually embarrassing themselves), who claim to be highly educated, but in reality have the analytical skills and leadership abilities of a 1st grader. They even have shown themselves to be dumber than the Dedebit educated Woyannes.

The coward and reactionary wing of EPRPs, and the dumb and foolish remnants of the now defunct AEUP are good examples of old style politicians. These old clowns cannot and will not have a place in the future of Ethiopian politics. These individuals are stuck in the 1960-70s politics and now are rightfully called old-style politicians.

We Ethiopians should not let our hearts be troubled. We have a new generation of leadership that is replacing the failed and bankrupt old style organizations. EPPF, OLF, Genbot 7, ONLF and TPDM are emerging as potent forces that are capable of bringing change in Ethiopia.

When the world is against Ethiopia and supporting Woyanne, a new generation of leaders with clear goals and ideas are making Woyanne sleepless. Thanks to new strategies that are being deployed by these leaders, Woyanne, despite Western and Chinese backing, is today weaker than it has ever been.

Currently, Woyanne is fighting wars within Ethiopia from all corners. It is forced to go into Somalia to prove that it is a loyal servant of the U.S. It is giving away Ethiopian land just to stay in power. It is begging for mercy from Eritrea with its top officials openly saying that they will die for Eritrea before their own ‘beloved’ Tigray region.

In order to defeat the Woyanne regime and liberate our country, freedom fighters such as Ginbot 7, EPPF, OLF, TPDM, ONLF and others need to continue cleansing themselves from the old style politicians.

We at Tegbar for the first time in a long time are encouraged with the progress we are seeing in the fight for freedom in our country.

It is now clear who is who. Let us take a moment to reflect on the past and join the movement for freedom.

Out with the old and In with the New style of leadership

Stop the Struggle! Join the Fight