Discussion of armed struggle – Time to break glass!

March 17th, 2008

Statement from Tegbar
March 18th 2008

Tegbar has noticed the recent talk of armed struggle and whether or not Kinijt should seek such alternative. It is a question posed on Ethiopian Review, with various interesting responses including one that appears on ethiomedia. So, should armed struggle be an option, or should it leave the table?

First of all, let us analyze Kinijit with regards to the question posed, because it has little to do with “Kinijit” per se. What it has to do is with the people of Ethiopia for whom Kinjit became a voice, a spirit that millions came out to embrace on that glorious day in Addis. In this regard, the question should be posed as: Is now the time for the oppressed to stand up and seek diverse alternatives to solve the current problems in Ethiopia? No one wants to see their brothers and sisters shed anymore blood! No one wants to witness anymore mothers losing sons and daughters. However, there is no doubt that a repressive government causes armed struggle. And in the case of Ethiopia, it is an inevitable future.

Armed struggle is not the first choice and it should never be. Nevertheless, it should be an emergency alternative, and “in case of emergency, a the-break-glass” approach. Currently Ethiopia is under a state of emergency with millions of her citizens suffering while the very few benefit. It is definitely time to “break that glass.”