Chairperson’s message

September 30th, 2006

Dear Tegbar members,

Thank you for your interest in Tegbar League International. We are a non-profit civic organization dedicated to be the voice for the voiceless innocent political prisoners languishing in jails across Ethiopia. We have been in this road for the last eight years but last year marks a milestone for our group as our members all over the world worked in unison to create awareness for the plight of the political prisoners and helped in the struggle for peace and democracy in Ethiopia.

Today, with a new leadership council and extremely dedicated members, we are determined to move forward. We have also adopted some very simple guidelines to help us focus on what matters. As we look to the future:

We need to be fully aware of Tegbar’s mission objectives and promote it as much as we can;

We need to pull together friends for Ethiopia by creating awareness in the international community. If there was any time in our history for such a need, then it has never been as urgent as it is right now;

We have a long and rich culture that needs to be aligned with today’s complex socio-economic environment and utilize it to create opportunities for us to learn and share best civic group practices;

The issues facing us are many and complex. We have to search deep in our soul and come up with ways that will help us bond around Tegbar to achieve much needed results.

On behalf of the leadership council, I would like to thank our members for their continued support and dedication to our mission. Together we will forge ahead embracing a better future for us, for our children and above all for our country and our people in Ethiopia.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us through

Meskerem Girma