Notes from the January 2 United Action Team Teleconference

January 2nd, 2001

Prepared by Cheru Terefe, Ethiopian Medhin Democratic Party

Jan. 2, 2001

Conference Chairman: Dr Desta Damtew
Conference Secretary: Ato Cheru Terefe

The teleconference started at 2:10 PM and ended at 3:16 PM Eastern U.S. Time.

Discussions and Decisions

1. The agenda presented was: Organizing worldwide demonstrations to express our solidarity with the opposition parties inside Ethiopia that are organizing a rally in Addis Abeba at the end of this month to protest the TPLF-EPLF peace treaty. A question was raised as to the certainty and type of activity planned in Addis Abeba. The conference appointed Ato Kedir, Ato Elias and Dr Gebeyehu to find out what exactly is being planned by the opposition parties inside Ethiopia and also the exact date of the planned activity. The three individuals have been asked to report their findings as soon as possible.

2. In the mean time, the conference has decided to call a public teleconference for next Saturday, January 13, 2001, at 2:00 PM Eastern U.S. Time. The public teleconference will include civic and political organizations that didn’t participate in today’s teleconference. The purpose of the public teleconference is to present the planned demonstration or what ever action decided by the opposition parties in Ethiopia, and ask the participants to help the United Action Team carry out similar activities worldwide, be it a demonstration, a public rally, or a public meeting.

3. SEPDC representatives asked for the United Action Team to call on the six opposition parties inside Ethiopia that are working together to include other parties such as SEPDC. The representatives informed the conference that negotiations are going on between the SEPDC and the six opposition parties to iron out some differences and come together, and suggested that United Action Team can play a role in its successful outcome.

4. TEGBAR League representatives urged all organizations that participated in today’s teleconference to take active part in next Sundays’ (Jan. 14) demonstration at the Ethiopian embassy. TEGBAR League also expressed disappointments at the lack of participation in the United Action Team’s meetings by some member organizations, and appealed to every one to show more commitment to unity in action.

Participants of today’s teleconference:

Ato Ayalsew Dessie, Hibre Hizb
Ato Cheru Terefe, MEDHIN
Dr Desta Damtew, Hibre Hizb
Ato Elias Kifle, TEGBAR
Dr Feleke Eshete, SEPDC
Dr Gebeyehu Ejigou, ENC
Ato Kedir Mohammed, SEPDC
Dr Mankelklot HaileSelassie, TEGBAR

After being reviewed and approved by participants of the conference, this will become an official document of the United Action Team.