TPLF Trade Mission in the USA: A Mission of Disinformation and Deceit

December 29th, 2000

Spokesperson: Gashu Habte, Ph.D.

For Immediate Release
December 29, 2000

Starting in mid-January, a high-level trade delegation of the ruling Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) will tour the United States. Its first stop will be Washington DC. On January 14, Ethiopian embassy will host a reception and dinner for the Trade Mission, U.S. government and World Bank officials, businessmen, potential investors and other invited guests. The following day, January 15, the Trade Mission will host a conference inside the embassy.

It is important to note that the Trade Mission is coming to the USA to cover up: (a) the biased economic development activities in favor of the Tigray region of three million people, at the expense of 60 million Ethiopians who live in the rest of the country, and (b) the voracious build up of the TPLF business empire.

Directly through its officials and indirectly under the cover of NGOs, the TPLF business empire is controlling a multitude of industries, including manufacturing, services, trade, information and transportation. It is competing with and often pushing private enterprises out of business.

As the result of a deliberate neglect of the country by the TPLF regime, poverty level has grown from bad to worse; millions of our people live in extreme poverty where they go without food for days; more than half of the population in urban areas outside of the Tigray region are unemployed; once eradicated diseases such as malaria and typhoid are back and ravaging the country, except Tigray; hundreds of thousands of children live in slums and in the streets; teenage girls are sold to Arab countries and Gulf States to serve as prostitutes and slaves; many of them are returning to Ethiopia deformed due to torture and overwork, mentally ill, and in many cased dead.

Yeshiworq Desta, who is recently sentenced to death in Bahrain, is just one of the tens of thousands of victims of the economic and political woes in our country under the regime of Meles Zenawi.

The TPLF Trade Mission is coming to the USA to cover up these horrible conditions in our country.

Ethiopian Democratic Action League, in collaboration with other civic and political organizations, will expose and challenge the TPLF ministers during their tour of the USA.

We call on all Ethiopians in the Washington DC area to join us in confronting these corrupted, greedy TPLF ministers, merchants and cadres
of disinformation on January 14 at 4:00 PM and January 15 at 4:00 PM in
front of the Ethiopian embassy

We also call on any one who might be thinking of attending the conference
called by the TPLF ministers to think of our people back home. We call on
you to boycott the conference. We appeal to your Ethiopiawinet.

Let us give voice to our people back home.

SPONSORS (listed in alphabetical order)
All Amhara People’s Organization – Washington DC Office
Council of Concerned Nationals for Ethiopian Security
Ethiopian Medhin Democratic Party
Ethiopian National Congress
Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party
Hibre Hizb
Moa Anbessa
Task Force