7.9 – Freedom Don’t Come Free

July 9th, 2012

This is Ethiopian Review Policy Research Center’s series on From Dictatorship to Democracy extracted/quoted from books and articles published by Albert Einstein Institution and similar sources.

Nonviolent Resistance isn’t just holding a demonstration, listening to speakers, and then heading home for supper. It isn’t pacifism based on moral or religious principle, either.

The Timeless Attributes of Nonviolent Resistance (NVR) Project:
1. Without UNITY, There is no Mass Disobedience.
2. Without Freedom FUND, There is no Self-Liberation Strategy.
3. Without STRATEGY There is no Effective Action.
4. Without Organization (Activists), There is no Capacity to Translate Strategy into Reality.
5. Action without Nonviolent DISCIPLINE Leads to Chaos and Vandalism.

2. *****FREEDOM IS NOT FREE*****

Nonviolent Resistance (NVR) Movements always face the challenge of getting different sources of material resources. Sometimes the support is entirely domestic, and other times the campaign or movement can obtain a limited amount of international assistance.

Domestic support has come from local civil society groups and non-governmental organizations, businesses, religious institutions, unions, professional organizations and committed individuals. Youth groups have also frequently tapped an age-old source of support — their families!

NVR movements and campaigns can also seek assistance from the international community, such as multilateral organizations, international non-governmental organizations, members of the diaspora community, foundations, organizations or aid agencies supporting democracy, human rights, and civil liberties, unions, and religious institutions.

Groups that may potentially support your movement can be addressed by your movement’s communications. You may need to emphasize different aspects of your struggle depending on the interests of the potential supporter.

WARNING: All international groups have their own interests and agendas. It is critical that nonviolent movements not to be drawn away from their own domestically developed strategies in an attempt to attract potential funders.
A government with enough support capacity to remove a strong system of oppression in another country is usually powerful enough later to impose its own objectives. This can happen even when the objectives are unwanted by the “liberated” population.


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