Ethiopians held a 24-hour vigil at the U.S. Congress

July 11th, 2001

A 24-hour vigil was held by Ethiopians in front of the U.S. Congress. The vigil started on Wednesday, July 11 at 12 noon. The purpose of the vigil was to appeal to the international community to help free Taye, Lidetu and all political prisoners in Ethiopia.

Dr Taye Woldesemayat, President of Ethiopian Teachers Association; Lidetu Ayalew, Secretary General of Ethiopian Democratic Party, and thousands of other political prisoners continue to languish in jail in Ethiopia under inhumane conditions. Many of the prisoners are purposely exposed to malaria and other diseases.

The vigil was organized by the United Ethiopian Civic Organizations. Another 24-hour vigil will be held in August. Join us at the vigil and help expose to the world the horrible atrocities of Meles Zenawi’s dictatorial regime in Ethiopia.