8.5 – Money is the mother’s milk of Nonviolent Campaign

August 5th, 2012

This is Ethiopian Review Policy Research Center’s series on From Dictatorship to Democracy extracted/quoted from books and articles published by Albert Einstein Institution and similar sources.

It is said, and not without a good reason, that “Money is the mother’s milk of Nonviolent Campaign” In order to run a successful nonviolent campaign, you should know how much and which kinds of material resources are required to fulfill the grand strategy, and discover ways to fund-raise in order to keep your movement on a permanent offensive.
There are three main groups of resources in all campaigns:
• HUMAN RESOURCES consist of the people who support your movement or campaign, and a major way that they do this is through their collective labor. Human resources are also crucial to obtaining mass support for your movement. They also bring your movement invaluable skills and knowledge.
MATERIAL RESOURCES include tangible assets such as money, supplies, communications equipment, property, and modes of transportation. Needs assessment and planning for the most effective allocation of material resources will enable a movement to function operationally even under severe repression.
TIME RESOURCES itself is a finite resource.
Why are MATERIAL RESOURCES important?
MATERIAL RESOURCES are important for two major reasons.
First, in terms of the three main resources , the material resource gap between the regime and the movement is typically the largest. The tyrant has a competitive advantage over the movement that is very difficult to overcome, since the tyrant may have access to thousands of buildings, tens of thousands of vehicles, print and electronic media, and even the entire national budget at its disposal, as well as access to valuable natural resources or foreign support.
Second, in terms of security, material resources are among the most sensitive areas of the organization. The regime will go right after your fund-raising and financial officers, and information about the funds and how they are spent must be kept secure at all times.
It may seem surprising, but one of the most common similarities among successful nonviolent movements has been their high fundraising potential, combined with effective management of material resources.
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