Meles Zenawi’s Regime Intensifies Human Rights Abuse in Ethiopia

December 3rd, 2000

Incredibly cruel methods are being used to punish political dissidents in Ethiopia. According to a report issued on November 25, 2000, by Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners (SOCEPP), Meles Zenawi’s regime in Ethiopia has built “underground” prison cells that are dug deep into the ground for holding political prisoners. There had been reports about these dark underground prison cells where political prisoners are held and made to die in an extremely cruel way deprived of food, medicine and clothes. Their extensive use in several parts of Ethiopia by the Meles regime has now been exposed by a high ranking security official of the regime named Fiseha Hailemariam who has recently defected.

Ethiopian Democratic Action League joins SOCEPP in calling for an immediate international inquiry into this charge of inhumane and shockingly crule act by Meles Zenawi’s regime in Ethiopia.

The harassment by Meles Zenawi’s regime against independent journalists is also intensifying. Late last month, the regime has arrested the vice president of Ethiopian Free Journalists Association (EFJA), Ato Zegeye Haile. His lawyer and EFJA officials are unable to contact him.

Currently there are over 15,000 prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia. Dr Taye Woldesemayat, Fitawrari Mekonnen Dori and thousands of other prisoners of conscience–including political and civic activists, journalists and average citizens who voice criticism against the regime’s dictatorial ethnic apartheid policies–continue to languish in TPLF’s disease-infested jails under inhumane conditions. Many of the prisoners are dying in prison deprived of medical treatment.

We call on every one to help expose these and other gross human rights violations being committed by Meles Zenawi’s ethnic apartheid regime by making phone calls and writing petition letters to governments around the world and international institutions such as the United Nations, OAU and others. Please also join us in the bi-weekly demonstrations we are holding in Washington DC in front of the Ethiopian embassy and the U.S. Congress. The next demonstration will be held in front of the Ethiopian embassy on December 6, 2000 from 12 noon – 1 PM.

Give voice to the voiceless.