Tegbar sends a message of support to UEDC

November 24th, 2007

(Nov. 24, 2007) Ethiopian Democratic Action League (Tegbar) has received the news about the creation of the new alliance called ‘Unity of Ethiopians for Democratic Change’ (UEDC) with great interest.

We believe that UEDC can be a major force in the struggle to stop the Woyanne regime from continuing to terrorize Ethiopians and to stop its attack on the fabric of our society by dividing the people of Ethiopia along ethnic and religious lines.

The Woyanne regime is at war with the people of Ethiopia and neighboring countries. Woyanne warlords are causing the death and displacement of millions of people in Ethiopia, Somalia and the whole Horn of Africa region.

Tegbar believes that the only way Woyanne can be stopped and peace can prevail in Ethiopia when pro-unity and pro-peace forces such as UEDC enable the people of Ethiopia to defend themselves.

It is therefore with great enthusiasm that Tegbar sends a message of support to UEDC. Tegbar is ready to cooperate with UEDC in any way it can.
Ethiopian Democratic Action League (Tegbar)
Email: tegbar@gmail.com