7.14 – Planning Strategy for Disintegrating Dictatorship

July 14th, 2012

This is Ethiopian Review Policy Research Center’s series on From Dictatorship to Democracy extracted from books published by Albert Einstein Institution.

Be inspired! Be coordinated! And take action!

“Freedom is not free.” No outside force is coming to give oppressed people the freedom they so much want. People will have to learn how to take that freedom themselves. Easy it cannot be. If people can grasp what is required for their own liberation, they can chart courses of action which can eventually bring them their freedom. Then, with diligence they can construct a new democratic order and prepare for its defense.

The first step of the “marching chart” is strategic planning. “failing to plan is planning to fail” The use of strategic plan is best known in military conflict. For centuries military officers have engaged in strategic planning for military campaigns. Just as effective military struggle requires wise strategies, planning and implementation; popular mass uprising will be most effective when it also operates on the basis of sound strategic planning. The formulation and adoption of wise strategies can greatly increase the power of popular mass uprising and leads to disintegration of the dictator.

In order to increase the chances for success, resistance leaders will need to formulate a comprehensive plan of action capable of strengthening the suffering people, weakening and then disintegrating the dictatorship, and building a durable democracy.

To achieve such a plan of action, a careful assessment of the situation and of the options for effective action is needed. Out of such a careful analysis both a grand strategy and the specific campaign strategies for achieving freedom can be developed. Though related, the development of grand strategy (Master Plan) and campaign strategies,(Tactical Plans) such as methods, tools and techniques are two separate processes. Only after the big picture, the grand strategy, has been developed can the specific campaign strategies, the tactical plans, be fully developed. Tactical plans and strategies will need to be designed to achieve and reinforce the grand strategic key results areas.

A calculated use of one’s intellect is required in careful strategic planning for liberation from a dictatorship. Failure to plan intelligently can contribute to disasters, while the effective use of one’s intellectual capacities can chart a strategic course that will judiciously utilize one’s available resources to move the society toward the goal of liberty and democracy.

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