4.8 – OBEDIENCE to Tyrants due to :- Absence of Self-Confidence (5 of 10)

April 8th, 2012

This is Ethiopian Review Policy Research Center’s series on From Dictatorship to Democracy extracted/quoted from books and articles published by Albert Einstein Institution and similar sources.

DISOBEY THE TYRANT!!! (Strikes, Boycotts, Protests & SABOTAGE.)

Some people prefer to hand control of their lives over to the regime. They may feel inadequate to make their own decisions.
After decades of authoritarian rule or other forms of oppression, people may lack self-confidence in their ability to make change.
This develops mainly from a lack of decision-making experience and limited opportunities for developing alternative leadership.

Oppressive regimes often use the lack of experienced opposition leaders to promote the fiction that the incumbent leadership is the best qualified to make decisions for the people.
However, just because the tyrant may have a long history of making decisions (which often do not benefit the people), this does not mean it is best qualified to rule!

Therefore, a key factor in the movement’s success is to restore the public’s confidence in its abilities to make logical, sound decisions and to take effective actions that can bring positive change.
It is also important that the nonviolent movement continuously remind the public that IT IS THE PEOPLE WHO PROVIDE POLITICAL POWER AND THEREFORE THEY CAN TAKE IT BACK.

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