4.3 – OBEDIENCE to Tyrants:- The Root Causes

April 3rd, 2012

This is Ethiopian Review Policy Research Center’s series on From Dictatorship to Democracy extracted/quoted from books and articles published by Albert Einstein Institution and similar sources.


“The most important single quality of any government, without which it would not exist, must be the obedience and submission of its subjects.

Obedience is at the heart of political power”

Why is obedience regarded as the “heart of political power”?
The answer is simple: if the people do not obey, the ruler cannot rule. Strategies for nonviolent struggle are based upon this insight. Mechanisms and methods of nonviolent struggle, exercised through actions and campaigns, are exclusively targeted towards the withdrawal of support that people provide to the tyrant.
In order to motivate people to withdraw their consent from the tyrant, you should understand why people choose to obey in the first place.

There are at least ten root causes why people choose to obey, even when they disagree with the existing system.

To view these key root causes of why people obey an evil regime, Civil Obediece to Tyrants – WHY