Lifestyle of the super rich in Ethiopia – photos

March 7th, 2008

There are two ways to be rich or super rich in Ethiopia: 1) Be a member of the Tigrean People Liberation Front (Woyanne); or 2) Be a Woyanne butt-kisser. The photos below show how one of these super rich individuals, the owner of Sunshine Construction, lives in Addis Ababa. It is to preserve and expand this ill-gotten wealth that Woyanne will fight tooth and nail to stay in power as long as it can no matter the cost to the people of Ethiopia. It is a good thing to be rich, but not through cruel exploitation and subjugation of other people.

The home of Sunshine Construction owner Samuel Tafesse, a business partner and personal friend of Azeb Mesfin, Meles Zenawi’s wife.
Addis Ababa

Woyanne billionaire Al Amoudi visits Samuel’s house