9.6 – Disintegrating Tyrant’s Key Pillar of Support – THE BUREAUCRACY

September 6th, 2012

This is Ethiopian Review Policy Research Center’s series on From Dictatorship to Democracy extracted from books published by Albert Einstein Institution.

To Topple a Tyrant Peacefully You Need:

Civil servants make this huge administrative monster called the state bureaucracy.
Slow, inefficient and corrupt bureaucracies are trade mark of 90% of non-democratic countries.
(Example: if you want to attack this pillar by slowing it down, so the whole system constipates, you can watch through how Serbian administration was functioning, even regularly, they couldn’t do it any slower because they were doing noting. Come up 10 o’clock, morning coffee, looking the phone calls, reading newspapers, then breakfast, then lunch, long one, because they were doing their side business, and then come back, and if the boss didn’t call they went back home.)

In addition to carrying out the decisions made by the dictator, which gives them authority, the bureaucracy is also large in numbers, human resources, and has a huge repertoire of skills and knowledge for making easy things in life complicated.
They can also impose sanctions, because they can stop any part of most processes in the society

(Example: for getting passport or getting a license to build a house may require at least ten different permits issued by various departments of the state’s bureaucracy.)

At the end, they are paid by the state; their huge budget (material resources) is always coming from the taxpayer’s money—-from the people.

They can also be used by the dictator for different purposes.

But do not forget:
If the bureaucracy withdraws its support for the dictator, EVERYTHING STOPS!

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