Tegbar town hall meeting in Washington DC, January 22

January 20th, 2006

Tegbar civic group’s Washington DC Chapter will hold a town hall meeting on Sunday, Jan 22, in Washington DC starting at 4 PM.

Guest speakers will be prominent journalist Mulugeta Lule and popular artist Tamagn Beyene. Ato Mulugeta Lule will discuss how pro-democracy forces can influence the U.S. policy towards Ethiopia. Ato Tamagn will discuss the role of civic and professional groups in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

Tegbar League team leaders will present reports on HR4423, petition to Kofi Annan, and other activities, and also discuss future plans.

The meeting will be moderated by Ethiopian Review publisher Elias Kifle.

There will be petition signing and membership registration programs during the meeting.

The meeting will be held at the Unification Church, 1610 Columbia Road, Washington DC, starting at 4 PM, on Sunday, January 22. Every one is invited.