Nationwide boycott of exams, classes going strong

January 29th, 2006

Addis Ababa, Jan 29, 2006 – The nationwide boycott of exams and classes that is called by Tegbar Student Association, in collaboration with Tegbar League in Ethiopia, is going strong. Students and teachers in elementary and high schools through the country are heeding the call and walking out of classes. In Addis Ababa, despite an all out attempt by the Meles security forces to thwart the boycott by conducting mass arrest of students, a large number of students boycotted classes, and many schools were forced to postpone exams last week. In Dessie, Ambo and other cities, students walked out of classes since last Monday.

Tegbar League in Ethiopia calls on all students and teachers through out Ethiopia to show solidarity with the tens of thousands of opposition party members, leaders, journalists, and students who are languishing in jail for voicing dissent.

In line with the call by the CUD leaders from prison to continue and intensify the struggle, Tegbar League urges all Ethiopians to confront the Meles dictatorship every where and every time using methods of expressing dissents that are within the constitution, such as peaceful protests, civil disobedience, boycotts, etc.

Meles Zenawi’s repressive regime must be confronted and challenged until it accepts the following demands that are put forward by the CUD:

1- The release of all political prisoners.

2- The establishment of an independent judiciary.

3- The establishment on an independent Election Board composed of representatives of all parties.

4- Access for the opposition parties to the mass media, particularly TV and radio.

5- Independent investigation into the torture and murder of thousands of peaceful protestors and unarmed civilians.

6- The army and police force that is independent of any political party.

7- The reinstatement of parliamentary rules that has been changed after the May 2005 elections to silence the opposition, and the return of of all revenues that have been taken away from the City of Addis Ababa.

8- The establishment of an independent commission that will overlook the implementation of the above demands.

Please print and distribute these flyers:
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