Tegbar League chapters in Ethiopia to launch a five-day protest campaign

February 22nd, 2006

FEBRUARY 22, 2006, ADDIS ABABA – Tegbar League chapters in Ethiopia are launching a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience through out Ethiopia from March 20 to 24 (Megabit 11 to 15). The plan is for Tegbar League chapters in Ethiopia, in collaboration with other organizations, to conduct various opposition activities in every city, town and village.

Tegbar League is calling on the people of Ethiopia to intensify the struggle against the brutal dictatorship by waging an all out campaign during these five days using every means available to us.

Tegbar coordinators are stressing the point that all opposition activities must be peaceful and avoid direct confrontation with Meles Zenawi’s blood thirsty Federal Police and special forces as much as possible.

Tegbar members around the world and other freedom loving Ethiopians are asked to support the five-day campaign by providing material, as well as moral support.

The purpose of the campaign is to persuade the Meles regime to accept the CUD’s 8-point proposal outlined below:

1. The unconditional release of all political prisoners.

2. The establishment of an independent judiciary.

3. The establishment on an independent Election Board composed of representatives of all parties.

4. Access for the opposition parties to the mass media, particularly TV and radio.

5. Independent investigation into the torture and murder of thousands of peaceful protestors and unarmed civilians.

6. The army and police force that is independent of any political party.

7. The reinstatement of parliamentary rules that has been changed after the May 2005 elections to silence the opposition, and the return of of
all revenues that have been taken away from the City of Addis Ababa.

8. The establishment of an independent commission that will overlook the implementation of the above demands.

For further info: tegbar@gmail.com
Flyer in Amharic
Flyer in Afaan Oromo